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Dear brothers and sisters
by Vanagas

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Dear brothers and sisters
Hello again my far far relatives <3

I want to speak little bit about vision i have about the server i am creating with alot of peoples help, Especialy Dakos the pro programer, if not him, this server wont exist and my dream to make such server would be only in air...

So i am very very thankfull to Dakos and i think everyone shoud be more thankfull to Dakos, only because of him we, the server can grow.

So i want to build not only a working stable server to have fun for all kinds of players, but aswell i want to build a community of nice real living humans, so we not only play game to have fun , but we aswell can have connections around the world with all types of people.

I want to ask for help to make it reality, and what i want to ask is to use OUR FORUMS, chat here on any case, ask here about the game or not game related things, if need we can make more space at forum with others themes, dont be afraid to speak up, we are here to lissen <3

Best Regards
29.12.21 15:01:55
Edited by Vanagas
on 29.12.21 15:02:54

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